Hara Wellness Center offers Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Massage therapy as guiding tools that aim to restore harmonious function to the body to bring about the state where healing may optimally occur.  Embedded in this concept of health is the belief in a natural resistance to diseases and inherent healing power.   ‘The Hara is accepted as an energetic center as well as a physical center.  Not only is it an important concept in martial arts, healing arts, and contemplative practice, it is also important in many aspects of daily life.  Often a Japanese person will speak of ‘thinking with the hara‘ or feeling with the hara”.  This is similar to having a ‘gut feeling’ about something.   The Hara is used in the practice of Chinese Medicine as a highly significant diagnostic tool that has been used for thousands of years.  It is referred to as the Hara reading. The Hara is located in the abdominal region, as this is where the organs are located.  An experienced practitioner is capable of gathering a great deal of information from palpating this region.  The practitioner feels the various qualities of the Hara such as temperature, moisture, tension,  or flaccidity.  The qualities that can be determined from palpation of the hara reflect the state of health of the individual. Therefore, The Hara reading offers great insight into the energetic imbalances that are creating an individual’s dis-ease especially when combined with the tongue and pulse reading.

Hara Wellness Center invites you to participate in your own individual healing process.  At Hara,  healing is a journey toward finding internal balance.  Classical Acupuncture and bodywork can open doors  to new ways of seeing and experiencing the world, as blocked energy is released and begins to  flow freely  through the rivers and channels of the body.  By receiving Classical Acupuncture on a regular basis, a  profound sense of well-being replaces the fatigue, aching joints, stiff neck, insomnia, weight gain, digestive issues, dry skin, and other symptoms that the body uses to signal that something is not right.  The healing process leads to self-awareness and self-empowerment as you reconnect with yourself and begin to develop and refine the ability to maintain a state of inner harmony and ease.