Massage Therapy


Therapeutic Massage Session

Each massage therapy session is designed to address your specific needs with soft tissue manipulation. The session will begin with a physical scan of the body using palpation, to feel for any physical and energetic imbalances that are connected to your complaints. The session will be designed to correct these imbalances and to liberate you from the restrictions and constraint that result from poor postural habits, emotional stress, injury, muscular imbalance, structural imbalance, and other factors. 

Massage for Pain Relief & Healing

By releasing the constrictions that impede the free flow of energy in the body,  your mind is finally able to let go. The sessions will ease tension and pain,  correct posture,  increase circulation, flexibility, and range of movement and allow you to see possibilities where they could not be seen before. As a result, each session has the potential to generate a greater sense of positive well-being including the ability to find stillness within the most stressful situations, to remain calm, and develop a greater capacity to watch your life unfold before you exactly the way you desire it to. The sessions will integrate Eastern and Western approaches with intuitive therapeutic touch to support the healing process and return the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies back to the original aligned state of ease and liberated movement so that you can be more present in your life.

Fantastic! Undeniably a place for well-being! I’ve had both massage and acupuncture from Sarah. Her approach is whole mind and body centered. The massage or acupuncture treatments have always left me feeling rejuvenated. They are well informed, specific, thoughtful and productive. My health has improved through treatment, as well as, my spirits and vitality. Sarah always makes the experience relaxing and enjoyable.

- Naomi Ramirez, Photographer

Massage Therapy Rates:

Intro offer for Massage
Buy $70

First time at Hara Wellness? Save $40!

30 minutes
Buy $60

A wonderful treatment to work on a localized knot/area

Lunchbox Massage!
Buy $75

Custom Massage
Buy $110

10 Series Custom Massage
Buy $850

Invest in your self-care and Save $250!

Deep Tissue Massage Offerings:

60min Deep Tissue
Buy $150

5 Series Deep Tissue
Buy $600

5pack of Deep tissue massage Save $150!

10 Series Deep Tissue
Buy $1150

10pack of Deep tissue massage, Save $350!

Full-time Student discount: 50% off for first 3 visits and then full price
Only available to purchase in person, contact Sarah directly

Being a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I found Sarah's work to be wonderfully detailed on a physical level with Acupuncture and Massage. With my As YOU See Fit Private Practice, I am CONSTANTLY recommending Sarah to ALL of my clients. The clients that see Sarah definitely get to enjoy a new layer of wellness with their bodies and their health journeys.

- Jenna Lee Barber, Certified Health Coach, Founder of As YOU See Fit

Give the gift of wellness.