A Holistic, Expert Approach to Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

Hara Wellness Integrated is founded on the belief that the process of healing is a personal journey that involves identifying and unraveling habitual patterns that prevent freedom of movement.  Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Massage therapy serve as the guiding tools to restore this inherent and harmonious function between the body, mind, and spirit.  Areas of the body that have become energetically, physically, and/or psychologically blocked are addressed using ancient techniques combined with a highly intuitive approach so that blood and qi can move freely and the rivers and channels of the body can be restored to a healthy state of being. As  the free flow of qi and blood is restored and blockages are released, old sensations, memories, and experiences may come alive again as they surface and move out. This is all part of the process involved in restoring a healthy connection between the mind and the body that will result in a greater capacity to experience life in a richer, fuller, and more deeply satisfying way and contribute to a great sense of well-being.   

    Hara Wellness Integrated invites you to participate in your own individual healing process.  At Hara, healing is a journey toward finding internal balance.   


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All Sarah’s treatments are tailored to the individual needs of her clients at that moment in time. She is a true healer, and a master diagnostician. She takes her work very seriously, and is very caring and compassionate, and non-judgmental. She exudes a calm, confident energy around her, as she works. I feel so blessed that I found this wonderful practitioner.

- Jan Firstenberg, Energy Medicine Practitioner/Coach